Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the cheapest mode of transportation. It is also the most efficient and environment-friendly mode of transportation because the distance traveled per unit of fuel is larger. Thus, waterways are a suitable mode for transporting heavy goods.

We carry out every type of maritime transportation from anywhere in our country to any port in the world. We have extensive contracts with the main shipping companies to answer any of our clients’ or agents’ needs, prioritizing times, scales, ports and operative costs. 


Transportation of all types of goods in all types of containers (standards, high cube, open top, flatracks, etc.)

Shipment of Vehicles, Boats, Motorbikes, etc. 

Specialists in this type of moving, including logistics, freight, customs support, etc.

Dangerous Cargo

We have strong relationships with ship owners of oil and chemical tankers in Caspian and Black Sea.


We can insure your freight from any port and under any International Commerce Terms.


For all classes of freight, whether it by standard, refrigerated, dangerous, etc.

Roll on / Roll off

Vehicle moving service.

Refrigerated Freight

Movement of freight in different temperatures.

Freight in transit

For any class of freight, whether it’s standard, refrigerated, dangerous, etc.