Ship Chandler

25-02-2023, 01:24

A new vision in ship supply

Ship Chandlers are a fundamental party in the international commerce environment. Supplying fresh products and offering integrated services for vessels is their main business. To manage a vessel is quite hard labor and complicated. The ship itself, its crew and cargo are in constant control and checked by owners and different Port Authorities. In order to perform at the most efficient levels, Vessels depend on an effective coordinated supply of provisions, spare parts and other products necessary for the vessel’s survival.

Viking Group LLC is a high-ranked firm positioned to serve ships at all Azerbaijan Ports and Shipyards.

  • Our services include but are not limited to food provisions, repairs, spare parts, safety inspections, medical supplies, general maintenance, and much more.

We have been providing supplies for the ships for years and we can serve you in the best way possible. Our professional team is giving our clients the best selection of national and international brand products. We differ by having the best range of products because we understand the demands of our clients and we have an expert staff with the most experience.
We offer a complete range of fresh, frozen, and dry PROVISIONS. Ensuring the correct balance of price and quality is our priority. We stock a wide range of unique products to satisfy the crew’s desires whatever they may be. We arrange to special stock items regularly needed on request, using our experience in supplying crew from different Nationalities.

Categories of products



Deck goods

Personal safety products, maps, signs, hoses, couplings, valves, oil spill response equipment, marine equipment, hatch sealing tapes, radio room consumables, head deck cleaning equipment, pipes, bends, tees, flanges, etc. 

Cabin goods

Fabrics and linen, detergents and cleaning products, household items, dishes and kitchen utensils, toiletries, brushes and mats, locks and latches. 


Cheese, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, drinks, fast food, cereals, legumes, frozen meat and fish, drinking water, bread, canned food. 

Security products 

Life rafts, life jackets, life buoys, breathing kits, survival equipment accessories, navigation lights, fire extinguishers, gas detectors, fire suits and diving suits

Machinery and equipment

Lamps, lubricates and oils, hydraulic fluids, bearings, seals and V-belts, hot and cold welding equipment, rubber mats and cords, non-asbestos packaging. 

Electrical tools and equipment

Light bulbs and lanterns, navigation instruments, searchlights, refrigerators, washing machines, grinders, plugs, sockets, alarms and horns, lead-acid batteries and chargers, cables, switches and circuit boards

Office equipment and supplies

Computers and communication equipment, copiers and consumables, radio parts.


Boiler water treatment agents, tank cleaners, oil spill cleanup agents, dispersants, fuel oil treatment chemicals, air cooler cleaners.

Paints and accessories

Heat-resistant paints, rollers and flat brushes, anti-slip paints, finishing paints, specialty paints, airless paint spraying machines.

Other tools 

Hand tools, measuring tools, welding equipment, bolts and nuts, cutting tools.

Ropes and lifting devices

Mooring ropes and tails, galvanized steel ropes, hooks, chains, rods, lifting slings and nets, fairleads.

We supply the most competitively priced, best quality, and well-known brands of marine technical stores, spare parts, and equipment from A to Z according to CE mark requirements, ISO, IMPA, and ISSA Standards.




Types of service



Ship maintenance 

Overhaul and maintenance of the vessel.

Overhaul of the deck and engine rooms.

Crane repair.

Urgent repair of the vessel.

Engine repair and overhaul.


Crew laundry service

Fuel tank cleaning

Deck cleaning.

Cleaning in cabins. 


Vessel treatment against insect pests.

Transportation rental

Rent of cars and minibuses

Use of shore cranes

Deck work 

Anchor and anchor chain maintenance

Welding and repair work on deck

Minor deck repairs

Engine Maintenance

Checking valves, pipes and fittings

Maintenance of hydraulics, pumps and compressors

Rescue Equipment Check

Inspection of life jackets, boats and rafts

Inspection of fire fighting equipment